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Petite Picks: Small Package Style Tips

Hello ladies (and gentleman). We are in full swing of a “new normal” and with that, I created #CommunityClosetChallenge. Every Wednesday at 5p I’m dishing my best style tips to a different Instagram giveaway winner for 30 minutes. This means you have direct access to all things “Amy” if you go to @SassnStyle on Insta and tag a friend in my giveaway post once a week. Don’t want to be on camera? Don’t worry. These style tidbits are for all no matter your body type, budget or lifestyle. 

My guest Nadia, a 30 something business executive from Boston, asked me about the best picks for her petite frame. Below are my top 3 tips to help her feel fabulous both during and beyond quarantine!



I’m here to save the (petite) fashion day! I get it, the shopping world is not very helpful when you are below 5’2″. You have 2 things working in your favor. Number 1, tailors are plentiful and you are going to find a good one. Consider this part of the cost of an item. You WILL need to alter things and that’s OK. Lot’s of body types require additional tweaks, it’s not just you! Number 2, you are in luck because stores are full of cropped things these days. Shorter sleeves, shorter pants, shorter dresses…. This means these items will fit you perfectly with NO tailoring. Yay!



Me too! I believe they were invented by the devil. Not to worry, there are 2 other options that will give you a lift without killing your feet. Option 1 is a chunk heel. Yes, it is a heel, but it is VERY comfortable because you aren’t walking around on something the size of a toothpick. Option 2 is a skinny wedge. This gives the effect of a heel without the pain of a heel. It is also great for outdoor events so you don’t sink into the grass!!!



You are in luck because it is not only possible, it is easy to accomplish. How to you do this you ask? Simply don’t buy anything that you don’t love. You should never utter the words, “Oh, this is good enough.” Not even when thinking about what to wear to the grocery store. I am not suggesting that you put on a gown to buy green beans, I’m just suggesting that even your comfy clothing can be awesome. I stand by the rule that only your at-home, no one will ever see this look should be the moment when you give up on life. That is the time to pull out your hole-y, stained t-shirt that you just can’t get rid of….