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Project Runway Allstars Party


My big premiere night at the Project Runway Allstars party was AWESOME!!! I am totally obsessed with my Erin by Erin Featherson jumper. Rent the Runway was kind enough to lend it to me (I know people in high places:). And of course, my favorite accessory designer Kara Ross NY let me borrow REAL ruby earrings and an amazing silver clutch. Only one glitch, check out the white shiney spot on my calf. I cut my leg shaving and put HD makeup on it under my nude fishnets. It shined like a big white light when the camera flashes went off!! Oops. And P.S., I couldn’t go to the bathroom all night because the front is double stick tape ¬†and it is one piece. Meaning, the entire thing had to come off to go potty. Rich people problems, I know.

Oh yes, that’s me on the red carpet right behind Alyssa Milano, the host of Project Runway Allstars. I need to practice my posing though… You can see my clutch perfectly, but it should have been head on for the line of photogs. Note to self: Cancel plans Saturday night, practice posing in the mirror.


One of my bestie’s came as my plus one. Danielle is a childhood friend and it was so much fun to have her by my side seeing this crazy experience happen. She knows me before there was an actual camera on me (as opposed to the imaginary one I constantly perform for:). How fab is her sassy look??


This picture has two important elements: J.D. and my awesome earrings. This lovely gentleman is responsible for getting me cast on Million Dollar Shoppers. Orginally the show was set in three cities and I was not chosen as the NYC shopper. They reformatted the show so all the shoppers are based in NYC, hence they needed more people for the cast. J.D. revisted the original interview tapes and brought me back in because he saw my comic genius:) Wearing borrowed jewelry that is totally real is a close second to having J.D. cast me. But then again, I couldn’t have the second without the first!!


How amazeballs is this Kara Ross NY clutch? I wanted to add some funky, classic touches to my lace and silk jumper. I thought this clutch and my earrings were the perfect additions. And you see that Lifetime place card? That means VIP baby. We had our own fancy section closed off to the other party goers. I am not this fancy, but I am pretty good at pretending when I have too!!


This is the first time all five of the Million Dollar Shoppers have been together AND it is the first time I ever met Tayler. We filmed completely separately so none of us ever knew each other until recently. It is a funny bond when you meet someone that you don’t know, but are totally aware that you are about to go on a crazy ride with them. I love the mix of personalities and really think that each one of us add something pretty great to this crazy and fun show.