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Rachel Zoe: Love Her or Hate Her?

I guess people always need to find a new favorite person to hate and this year it seems to be Rachel Zoe. Why I ask? Yea, she is a bit over the top and acts like the world is going to collapse if the right dress doesn’t show up, but isn’t that the draw of her in the first place? I have tried to explain to people that I can feel her pain, that the level of styling she produces is so pressure filled it is ridiculous. The real problem is, not many people seem to care… And yet the funny thing is that obviously people are intrigued, because the second season of The Rachel Zoe Project just aired. I equate it to the people who say they don’t care about celebrity gossip and then secretly buy (and love) US weekly. I am very open about my addiction.

I will give Rachel Zoe this, she can pull some crazy stuff. And by “pull”, I mean get some FABULOUS clothes! The sign of a really great stylist is not necessarily the actual fashion sense, but what they can get their hands on. I watched the season 2 premiere last night and was blown over by the fact that she managed to have Karl Lagerfeld, head designer at Chanel, change a runway design for her at the last second. She literally had him commission a design change because she didn’t like the original dress for Cameron Diaz. It was amazing to watch.

The truth is, she must be doing something right because she styles half of Hollywood, has her own show, a book and is apparently coming out with a clothing line. It is rumored to be called, “I die”. If you watch the show, you certainly understand why.

So everybody, stop the hate. I do agree that being an emergency room surgeon is overtly a much more obviously stressful job, but I dare you to try and do what Rachel Zoe does for a day. You really just might have a heart attack. And, let’s be real, this woman is doing it. When has the world ever really known a stylist? She is the woman behind the stars and now she is a star herself. She is obviously good at her job and a gal who has made it to the top. Show her a little respect and admit you like her show:)

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  • I think Racheal Zoe is amazing – I just love that she has her own style as she says “everyday is a red carpet momemt”…and she is literally on her own runway everyday – the hair, the over sized glasses, the vintage gowns – I can’t get enough.

    People don’t realize how much influence she has on style…if it wasn’t for her Nicole Richie wouldn’t have become the “fashion icon” that she is – her style has Rachel all over it!

    I think she’s amazing! More power to her and to YOU for bringing out womens inner divas!


  • I absolutely love her. I’m ready her book right now. Fashion from A to Zoe. Something like that.

  • I must say that I love Rachel. She really moved fashion towards my fav decade, the 70’s, and away from that skinny stick with big fake boobs attached look. Yes, she is over the top and not having a lot to do with everyday women (unlike you:) !), but I enjoy her. Plus she helped move vintage to the mainstream and brought glamour to mainstreet.

  • I was actually scared that people were going to yell at me for liking Rachel Zoe! Quite the opposite:) I guess most people reading this blog are fashionistas so that makes sense! I really just appreciate anyone who is that good at their job. She has changed fashion and most people don’t even know it. I also figure that if that many people hate her she must be doing something right otherwise no one would care!

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