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Riding boots

I can certainly understand that in this time of recession you have to be thoughtful about what you buy. Time for investment pieces ladies! Shoes and bags are go-to pieces that, if chosen correctly, should stand the test of time. Save your pennies this season for an AMAZING pair of riding boots. This is not a style that is going anywhere. I would stick to a basic brown or black to really make this purchase last.

The ultimate brand in boots is none other than Frye. They may be a bit pricier than the others, but trust me, you will still be wearing these boots in twenty years! I am not exaggerating, I seriously have clients who own Frye boots from the 70’s. They are meant to look distressed which adds to their longevity.

Black Leather Frye Dorado Riding Boot


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  • Amy, How snugly should riding boots fit your calf? I have very skinny calves and most of the boots are WAY to big in the circumference. Some I think are supposed to fit wider but how do I know this?

  • Depends on the style. This frye boot is big all around to look more authentic like a real riding boot. The rule of thumb for any boot is if it is big in the ankle, it should be wider all the way to the top. If it is skinny in the ankle, it should be well-fitted all of the way to the top.

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