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The Bandeau Bathing Suit Top

With bikini season not only creeping up on us, but literally knocking down the door (hello 80 degree weekend?), it is time to talk bikinis. I can literally hear you cringing through my computer screen right now. (You speaking) “I am too white. I need to go to the gym about 45 more times. Why are my nipples beginning to point south?” Whatever the excuse may be, get over it. Bikini time is here!!!

So let’s figure out this dilemma together. The truth is, like with any good fashion problem, it is all in the fit. Now I may be good, but I am certainly not a miracle worker. Your thighs will still be the same size, the back of your arms will still swing when you wave and your stomach will always need to be flexed in pictures. But, I can offer you the best advice for styles that will properly accentuate your sexy self.

So first up in this fabulous series about bikinis, the bandeau top. Truthfully, it is NOT my best friend. I am a B cub (not a full one at that) and it makes me look like a pancake. Lovely. You need to have at least a full B cup through no more than a D cup to make this style look fabulous. It has a lot of coverage, so with a flatter bust you are losing any sense of having breasts. For a fuller figure, this has great support and just like I mentioned, coverage. The key is to always make sure the center string is cinched so that you have some sort of cleavage. There should be two boobs here ladies so make sure to separate them!

The other important attribute that makes a bandeau top perfect for you is having more delicate shoulders. Having broad shoulders with a center tie will only accentuate your broadness.

So, done and done. I think I have sufficiently covered the bandeau top and helped to show off your ultimate hotness in this comfortable yet sexy bikini style. Now go buy some SPF 30 (no wrinkles ladies) and hit the beach.

Marine Geo Print Bandeau