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The BEST Golden Globe Gowns 2010

Ah, awards season is here again! I LOVE this time of year. It is all about glitz and glamor and everything fabulous! Bring on the bling.

I know my first pick for “best dressed” at the Golden Globes is going to come with some criticism. My boyfriend has already chastised this choice. Drew Barrymore looked stunning in her Atlier Versace gown. The shoulder and hip detail bordered on that of a sea creature, but I still thought it was to die for. It was chic and elegant with a funky, individual twist. Nude is not always the best choice for the red carpet, it is easy to look washed out, but I really just loved the elegant detail on this dress. Her hair and make-up also perfectly complimented the simple sexiness of the overall look.

Next up for “best dressed” is January Jones. She always tries to do something just a little different and I truly appreciate that. Black is never one of my favorites on the carpet, it just doesn’t read well on camera. That is why I was so drawn to this look, because it DID look different and interesting. Not an easy feat. I was thrown off by the hair ribbon at first, but it really grew on me. I think it added to the “chic” quotient by a million. She took a simply elegant black gown and made it her own. This Lanvin dress was nothing short of spectacular when styled correctly… which it was! Kudos to your hair and makeup team as well for extending the classic elegance throughout the entire look.

Now for some color! Diane Kruger hasdefinitely proven herself to be something of a fashion icon. She is almost always interesting and hits the nail on the head with her fashion choices. This Spring Christian Lacroix gown is fierce in every way possible. Look at that neckline for God’s sake! How insanely fabulous is the construction of this dress. Keeping her hair off her neckline was also ingenious because that is the most busy part of her gown. You really don’t want to mess with it in any way. Show it off!

I guess looking good is easy for her. It doesn’t hurt that she is an amazingly stunning woman who can really pull off anything. Damn you Diane Kruger!

And now a double whammy of beauty and style, Christina Hendricks and Kate Hudson. Both were light and lovely on the red carpet. Kate wore a fabulous Marchesa gown, one of my absolute favorite designers for anything gown-related! Let’s not forget to give her shoes a shout out. They seriously helped enhance the funk factor of this look. Christina rocked a Christian Siriano dress.. Oh yes, the winner of Project Runway. Can you believe it? He really is proving to be the most successful winner of them all! To get on the red carpet at the Golden Globes is huge. The fact that this dress was one of my favorites right from the start without even knowing it was Siriano’s dress is even better. I love to root for the underdog and he is certainly still just making his way into this crazy world. Good for you Christian!

So there you have it. Feel free to criticize my choices for “best dressed”, but remember, this is my blog and all about my opinions:) Overall, this was a great kick off to the awards season and I think everyone did a pretty good job at looking fabulous. Usually there is a safety factor involved in the Golden Globes because it is the first show of the season. I actually think people dove into their fashion choices this year and I commend that! Can’t wait for more….


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