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Tights with Open Toe Shoes? It Works.

I am actually a BIG fan of tights with open toe shoes. It is an instant way to make your look high fashion. Let’s be clear though, we are mixing OPAQUE tights with funky, bold high heels. I am not pulling out stockings with bad seams and putting them with silk Nina dress shoes that I dyed to match my dress. Ug. That is high fashion v.s. Grandma fashion. Sorry Grandma.

It really is a simple combination that can put your look over the top. Just look to the right and check out how much more fabulous each of these looks instantly became by funking out the bottom half. Love it. It is a trio of fab. It is also a great way to see how to start simple, push yourself a little and then (ahem, Heidi Klum) push yourself a lot! These three fashionistas have given us a good look at how to “make it work” depending on your level of style.

Now let’s not stop there with the high fashion possibilities of this particularly potent combo. Gwyneth Paltrow’s awesome look might be my favorite “tights with open toe shoes” ensembles ever. She seriously rocked it. Her choice of doing a completely monochromatic bottom half, including the lower part of her dress, was genious. She was able to be trendy and sassy without making her shoes the focal point. This is often hard when you wear tights with open toe shoes because it is such a funky mixture. By doing a gray shoe with gray tights, she allowed you to be intrigued but not blown over. Try this monochromatic look out with a pair of your new fabulous open toe booties and you will come out with the same fantastic result, awesome. This trend lets you wear your spring and summer shoes right into fall and if you are crazy, even winter.

But remember my very strong warning, no seam of your stockings or tights should EVER be seen. If you look closely to the right, you will see that this possibility for a great Louboutin and stockings combo went horribly wrong. I spy a stocking seam going straight across her toes! Her sexy ensemble just went straight to Grandmaville…. Again, sorry Grandma!

Photos courtesy of eighty81.com, Instyle.com and thefashionpolice.com


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