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Tina Fey’s 2009 Oscars Gown

We already know that this is Tina Fey’s year, even if she isn’t in any movies! She is the toast of Hollywood right now and why not celebrate her even more by making her a presenter at the Oscars to crack us all up yet again. Seriously, her and Steve Martin were pretty funny.

Now, not only is it Tina’s year because of her comedic talents, but talk about turning into a grade A hottie! (Reference to her movie Mean Girls for those that need a Tina Fey lesson:) I was about to give up on her and the whole “black dress everywhere” thing, but then she came through! I will commend the ladies on the Oscars red carpet this year, but Tina is still a fairly new addition and definitely took her own style up a few notches with this stunning gold number. Not only did she stand out with glamor and grace, but she showed that she is a true fashionista.

This shimmering gown was obviously a perfect fit for such an event, but let’s talk about the actual fit…. Amazing. Her body looks rockin’ right now and there is no better reason than the Oscars to show it off. I love the deep V neckline mixed with the fishtail bottom. It accentuated her curve in all of the right places. The thickness of the arms mixed with the deep V highlight her small waist and the curve of the fishtail makes her booty extra juicy! Yes, I seriously did say that.

The finale of her easy and loose up-do mixed with simple jewels truly let HER shine on the red carpet. She wore this frock, the frock did not wear her. Keep it up Tina, I have a feeling you might rule this awards show as well very soon…..


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