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White Hot: The Triangle Top Bikini

Now, I wouldn’t usually make it a habit of putting a picture of myself in a bikini on-line, much less next to a barely dressed Marissa Miller. But, for the sake of teaching you, the reader, I will sacrifice:) The real purpose of me making this painful comparison is to show you that the triangle bikini top is flattering on many different bust sizes. The real key to why a triangle bikini top works has more to do with the placement and shape of your boobs. They must be closer together so you have some sort of natural cleavage and also still maintain some natural lift. The triangle top leaves little to the imagination, no support or coverage, so your breasts must still be in tact!

Choosing a string bikini bottom, as the lovely and curvaceous Marissa Miller is rocking, is sometimes a scary concept. It is actually more flattering than some other styles that have more coverage. The first thing that it promotes is creating hips for a straighter figure. Adding a tie on each hip give your body that extra illusion of curve by extending your hips. Also, the string bikini does not cut into your stomach which often times actually only accentuates that you have a few more inches on your mid-section. Obviously, if your stomach is beginning to hang over the top of your bikini bottom, this might not be the best option for you!!! Just remember that string bikini does not always mean teany tiny. There can be a good amount of coverage to keep your derriere properly covered.

As far as your white hot look goes, keep it heavily lined! The last thing anyone wants to see on the beach is ALL of you!!!

Victoria’s Secret Triangle Bikini Set
Separates: $24


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