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Whoopi Goldberg’s 2009 Oscar Gown

Oy. I can think of no other word to describe how truly unfortunate this choice was. Oh Whoopi, yes I watch The View and I know that wearing a dress is not your thing, but God help the animal kingdom. You are lucky you wore this walking the red carpet and not at the Bronx Zoo, it may have been an even bigger disaster!

As followers of this blog, you may re-call a recent post about how to wear animal prints. I noted that draping yourself in such a pattern is a BAD choice. Case in point, I give you Whoopi Goldberg. It appears that she was not sure if channeling a peasant girl or a lady tigress was the right choice, so she chose both. If ABS remakes this dress to sell to the mass public I am going to scream. And not in the good way I did about Heidi Klum’s awesome gown. Ladies, take it from Whoopi, stick to a pant suit if that is your thing…. Not everyone is made for a dress!!!!!

Photo courtesy of Moviefone at AOL.com


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